Meet Dr. Zadina

Dr. Zadina grew up in Nebraska and went to undergraduate school, as well as medical school at the University of Nebraska. He then did his residency training in Urology at Wisconsin University. He practiced for many years in Duluth Minnesota and lived in Wisconsin just across the Bay from Duluth on a farm raising llamas. He and his boys raised, showed, bred, and judged llamas for many years in addition to farming the land. They traveled throughout the US where they developed a llama family and friends every where they showed. His eldest son moved to Los Angeles to chase a career in acting at the age of twelve. That move eventually prompted Dr. Zadina to move to Washington in 2010 to be closer to his son in California, he brought his youngest son here to play hockey and continue his schooling. His oldest son is still in California chasing his acting career while his youngest is now in St. Louis going to school, and chasing a career in cyber security, as well as playing hockey on his college team. He opened his practice in 2010 and has continued to enjoy his practice as a solo practitioner. He looks at his patients as being his patient family and treats them as if they were his family in the office. He also likes to add a bit of humor during the office visits as he thinks that happiness is important to healing for all medical conditions. He loves practicing medicine and taking the time with each and every one of his patients. He treats everyone who walks in the doors as if they were his own family sitting in the exam room, he treats each and every patient with compassion and empathy to help them with their urologic problems. His recommendations for treatment are generally based upon what he would recommend for his family. We want to welcome you to the family when you come visit us at Mount Rainier Urology.   

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