Anna Medical Assistant

Anna has been in the medical field for over twenty years. Her passions brought her down the route of becoming a medical assistant a year ago. Her hobbies include going jeeping, spending time with her kids and fiancé. She is a huge movie buff and enjoys finding new places to eat. She has worked in dermatology and urology and loves the challenge and learning more every day. We are excited that she has joined our team and are truly lucky to have her.

Nicole Medical Assistant

Nicole has worked in the medical field for over twenty years. She is married and has three children. She enjoys crocheting and spending time with her family. She collects antique medical equipment and her favorite season is summer. She is truly dedicated to what she does and we are lucky to have her apart of our team.

Jami has been a medical assistant for over ten years. She enjoys learning all avenues of medicine. She has a husband, her three beautiful children and her fur babies. She enjoys being at the beach, reading, flipping furniture, hiking and photography. We are so grateful to have her apart of our team, with her positive can do spirit.

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